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BMW PedalBox

Electronic Throttle Signal Amplification System for your BMW, brought to you by DTE Systems GmbH, Germany.

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BMW - Logo BMW PedalBox at $264.95 USD

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TWM Performance Exclusive Product - PedalBox Kit

Eliminate YOUR BMW’s Throttle Lag!

TWM Performance is proud to introduce a new, game changing, electronic performance part to the U.S. and Canadian automotive aftermarket. The PedalBox, a revolutionary, 3rd generation, throttle control signal amplifier, produced and developed by DTE Systems GmbH of Germany, eliminates throttle lag that most cars suffer from in stock as well as in modified engine configurations. Newer cars are plagued by drive by wire systems which inefficiently control the signal from your car’s throttle body. The PedalBox works by taking the signal from the pedal and modifying it to an efficient signal setting you choose. PedalBox features three driving modes: Sport, Sport+, and Eco mode. Each of which have their own range of customization settings, 18 in all. This allows you to finely tune your BMW accelerator signal in accordance to your personal driving preferences.


  • -3rd Generation Technology;
  • -Increased, precise, throttle response, more power, faster!;
  • -Eliminates throttle response delays;
  • -Car responds in approximately half the time at low rpm;
  • -Acceleration delay in third and fourth gear equal zero;
  • -Maintains power throughout the entire gear change cycle;
  • -Easier Overtaking in all gears;
  • -Plug-n-Play less than 15 minute install;
  • -Improved fuel consumption in Eco Mode;
  • -Reliable EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) cover over the housing;
  • -TÜV approved, German Autobahn Certified;
  • -Three modes with six levels of customization, 18 levels in all,
  • each for, on the fly, throttle MAP (Mass Air Pressure) switching;
  • -Each programmed for the individual car make/model;
  • -Further individual customization capable controller;
  • -Made in Germany Quality;
  • -Manual as well as Automatic transmission compatible;
  • -Glass fiber reinforced to provide heat resistance;
  • -Can be used on both a tuned as well as stock configurations.

Included in the Box:

  • -PedalBox System;
  • -PedalBox Manual;
  • -2 reusable Velcro zip ties for tucking wires;
  • -Adhesive Velcro for mounting.


  • -Arrives in 1-2 weeks;
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