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About Us

Founded in 2002, TWM Performance® is the world's largest and most passionate North American manufacturer of premium, niche, manual transmission specific, performance parts. We have just under 200 short throw shifter applications to choose from and shift knobs for over 95% of the world's car makers. We, at TWM Performance®, are the ultimate short throw shifter and shift knob experts.

During the last decade TWM Performance® evolved from a small, boutique, performance parts manufacturer to a premium offering only, midsized participant in the specialty car parts industry.

We are proud of several unique, ground breaking innovations such as the full-replacement and direct replacement short throw shifter available for several makes and models.

We also pioneered the "technical" hybrid weighted shift knob which encompasses all characteristics required of both daily driving and stringent motorsports.

Our latest breakthroughs are the extensive use of dampening techniques as well as spherical bearings on specific products.

Recently released is our ULTIMATE Titanium Racing Lug Nuts; motorsports designed and tested. You can read more about all of our latest projects and developments on Facebook.

We are constantly on the lookout for new premium parts, brands, and products to best serve you. At TWM Performance®, our goal is to become a one stop shop, facilitating a simple one click transaction, providing you with the premium car part of your choice.

Our continued dedication to the industry, our buy-direct business model and proprietary designs enable us to offer lifetime warranties on all our products. Our products ship worldwide and are also available on Ebay and Amazon, further extending our global reach. You can also find our products on three different language websites supporting our dedicated, global, customer service.

Thank you for your time and please enjoy your shopping experience with us!

Team TWM Performance

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