• Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical Shift Knob 056

Long scratch along bottom of shift knob. Also includes a few blemishes. All clearance Sales are final.

Reverse Lock : YES

Engraving :

After more than one year of intensive Research and Development, TWM Performance® is pleased to introduce the Revolutionary New SPOOKY! "HYBRID" PREMIUM Technical Weighted Shift Knob

  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Using the unique TWM Performance® ATIS (Aluminum Threaded Insert System) the Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical offers over 1 Inch of height adjustability for the ultimate custom shift experience.
  • WEIGHTED: The TWM Performance® Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical weighs in at 275 Grams (3/5 of a Pound!) making for an almost effortless FAST shift with any type of shifter, either using a stock shifter or a TWM Performance® Short Shifter.
  • CUSTOM THREAD-ON OEM FIT: The Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical will fit ALL Cars!
  • FULLY TRANSFERABLE: Getting a New Ride? No worries, the Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical will follow you FOR LIFE! TWM Performance® offers Adapters and Solutions for ALL Car Makes.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: EVERY TWM Performance® Product is Guaranteed for LIFE!
  • CLIMATE INSENSITIVE: The Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical is the ONLY Weighted Shift Knob available ANYWHERE that can be used in ALL extreme climates with absolutely NO discomfort caused by temperature extremes which means you can focus on enjoying the BEST shifting experience. Motorsports tested between -40 to +140 Fahrenheit.
  • HYBRID DESIGN: The Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical uses a UNIQUE dual material concept which uses a Massive Stainless Steel Core and a polished Polyurethane Reactive Resin White Jacket enabling unique characteristics not found on ANY other Weighted Shift Knobs.
  • HAND CRAFTED: In Order to ensure perfect fit and functionality, each Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical is individually assembled, crafted, and inspected by hand. Does YOUR Ride Deserve a Spooky! "Hybrid" TechnicalBUY Yours NOW!

               Installation Manual

Top Finish White finish on top portion
Bottom Finish Polished stainless finish on bottom portion
Height ATIS adjustable height
Hardware All mounting hardware included
Diameter 2” (51mm)
Reverse Lock 265 grams

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Spooky! "Hybrid" Technical Shift Knob 056

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