RaceChip XLR - Throttle Controller - Discontinued

Dear Shopper, please be advised that we have it under authority that the new RaceChip XLR could cause serious injury and or death during use. We also have it under authority that the RaceChip XLR in its present design configuration could cause serious even irreparable engine damage. We have contacted the manufacturer about our concerns and they have not been able to reassure us sufficiently to resume selling this product. The fact that they are no longer shipping the product supports our view. For these reasons and until further notice we will no longer offer the RaceChip XLR. - Without Predjudice

  Better Throttle Response
  No Approval Needed
  Easy To Install
  7 Different Stages

RaceChip XLR can be controlled conventionally using a newly designed Controller which is connected by wire to the Brainbox. The driver can use the Controller to select any of the tuning stages at any time.



The Brainbox monitors and controls all the processes involved in optimizing throttle response.


App Controller

RaceChip offers you the option of controlling XLR right from the RaceChip app running on your smartphone. RaceChip XLR communicates with your phone via Bluetooth.

Optional ($30)


1. Unplug the wire from the throttle at the connector.
2. Connect the Brainbox to the connector/adaptor.
3. Mount the Brainbox on a smooth surface in the footwell.
4. To control XLR: connect the Controller with the Brainbox, or set up the RaceChip app.
- Done! Now – go drive and enjoy!