• Shift Extender
Brand new products available at TWM Performance are our 4" shifter extenders, made for different applications (Subaru, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi...) and engineered to accept both the factory shift knobs and aftermarket shift knobs.

TWM Performance shifter extenders are CNC machined in stainless steel.

Shifter extenders are the perfect addition for people who want to enjoy the precision and solidity of a short shifter, but keep the stock height, or even place the shift knob higher than stock. This is a great upgrade if you bring your car to the track for solo, lapping, auto-x or track racing. Less time spent between the steering wheel and the shifter = more time with both hands on the steering wheel. Combined with the throw of a short shifter and the extra mass of a weighted shift knob, this is the perfect combination for track days!
(Dual Bend) Features
Throw Reduction 45% Throw Reduction
Height Reduction 1.75” Height Reduction
Warranty ** Life Time Warranty **
(Stage 2) Features
Throw Reduction 50% Throw Reduction
Height Reduction 2.5” Height Reduction
Warranty ** Life Time Warranty **
Model(s) Acura 1.6 EL

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Shift Extender

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