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Part: MazdaSpeed 3 Short Shifter
Just did mine today, with bushings. Took 45 minutes, not as bad of an install as I thought.

Instant gratification. The best mod available yet! Shifting improved exponentially. I was doubtful at first, but its like driving another car. Almost Miata like, but with 6 gears. Butter... silky smooth butter, no longer wimpy and lucid...

Buy this Mod!

Vindikacione - Mazda247 Forums

Part: Toyota Paseo Short Shifter
Hi, My name is Matt,

I just recived and installed the TWM short shifter and weighted shift knob, and I must say out of the few kits that i have had for my 92 Toyota Paseo, this one is the BEST!!!!!! i am really, really impressed with the quality of the shifting now, and the quality of the short shifter and knob. I am telling all my friends about TWM and i am even going to be letting some test drive my car so they car see the difference.

Matthew Doek - Customer Email

Part: Mazda Protege 5 Short Shifter
I installed the TWM Performance short shifter for the Mazda Protege 5 into my car last night. Let me say, the difference is amazing. There are no more questions when shifting. When I shift, it goes into gear. No slop, no vague feedback.

Thanks for a great product!

Michael T. - Customer Email

Part: Nissan Maxima Short Shifter and Weighted Shift Knob

I really appreciate the great customer service and quick response. I had the short shifter installed yesterday. One word to describe it: AWESOME! I should have done it a long time ago. The throws are so much shorter and the whole mechanism has a more solid and quality feel compared to stock. Thanks for great service and a great product!

Thanks again

Keith D. - Customer Email

Part: TWM Weighted Shift Knob
Thanks for the info. I am impressed that an actual person responded so quickly to my email. Your customer service sold me on one of your knobs!

Thanks again

Kevin R. - Customer Email

Part: TWM Classic Stainless Shift Knob
Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your classic stainless weighted shift knob for my 2002 WRX sedan well over a year ago, and it has been the best modification I've made to the car. The quality is top notch, the look is great, and best of all: it has NEVER come loose since I installed it, not once! That is VERY rare for an aftermarket shift knob.

Great product, excellent fit and finish - I have recommended it many times on the NASIOC forums.


Larry G. - Customer Email

Part: Toyota Corolla Short Shifter
Hi. I just wanted to thank you guys for your great service.

Extremely fast shipping and super easy installation. I am very satisfied with the product and love the difference from the stock one. Great quality, super tight shift and short throw.

Thanks again.

Daniel L. - Customer Email

Part: Acura Integra Stage 2 Short Shifter
I would really like to thank everyone. I just recieved my shifter today after ordering it on Thursday .. very quick delivery and awsome shift. I love it and will never use another shifter. I will recommend it to everyone who is looking for them.

Thank You,

Greg P. - Customer Email

Part: Scion tC Short Shifter - Stage 2
Hi, my name is Leonard and i just purchased your stage 2 short shifter for my '05 Scion tC, and i just wanted to write you and say Thank You for the easy installation instructions. It took me about an hour to do, and had no problems at all. After installation I immediately noticed the height difference and soon after noticed the great reduction in length from one gear to another. I am completely satisfied with my product and will highly recommend you to all my friends for there futher upgrade needs. Thank You also to the great people at TWM for answering any and all of my questions i had.

Thank You Again,

Leonard P. Tafoya II - Customer Email

Part: Mazda Protege 5 Short Shifter
I have bought TWM generation 2 short shifter a while ago, and boy I like it. Its a very great product from my point of view. Definetly much shorter than stock shifter, and throws are definetly shorter. I would definetly recommend this to everyone and anyone.

Also, recently I have bought a TWM shift knob, which is weighted stainless steel ( I believe its 150 grams *edit for accuracy: the shift knob is 500g*, or something like that). In any case, the shift knob is pretty heavy, and its much easier to shift with it than with stock one.

My props to staff. Keep it up! Great to have good people around! forums post

Part: Mazda 6 Short Shifter
I recently installed your shifter in my Mazda 6 along with the weighted stainless steel shift knob and the difference is phenomenal! The stock shifter felt vague and mushy compared to you part, now I can shift through the gears much more quickly and with more confidence.

I'd never hesitate to purchase another product from you in the future. Customer support was great and the installation was a snap.


Vito - Customer Email

Part: 2003 and Up Toyota Corolla Short Shift Kit
To Matt and everyone at TWM,

I just got my short shifter yesterday and I spent an hour installing it last night. To my complete amazement (I've never done any work on my cars personally) I did it all myself. It fits great and I had no problems whatsoever. Your install guide was so helpful by the way. 100% satisfaction guys. The piece itself is really great too, my mechanic buddy said it's one of the nicest aftermarket shifters he's ever seen.

...I just wanted to let you know this stuff. I love the short shifter, it's just awesome! And again thank you for originally getting back to me so quickly, it really impressed me. If you have any new Corolla products coming up anytime in the future I would love to hear about it.


James Demis - Satisfied Customer

Part: Short Shifter
I really enjoy both the shifter and knob I purchased from you. Quality and performance are top-notch and I feel like the money was very well spent. I recommend both parts to anyone who asks and if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't hesitate at all.

Murray - Customer Email

Part: Toyota Celica ST185 short throw shifter
We received the short shifter kit for our project car, the 1990 Toyota Celica 4wd Turbo. The kit was well packaged, everything on the checklist was in the box, and the instructions were top notch. We were impressed to say the least!

The entire swap from pulling the car into the shop, to driving it out took less than 30 minutes, and the difference is nothing less than astounding. It must be half the distance of the original "boat ore" this car comes with. While the force to shift gears has noticeable increased, it's nothing worse than the stock shifter on my Mazda Rx-7, and my wife can still drive the car with ease. Along with the increase in effort though, has come a MUCH more positive shift engagement. The pattern feels MUCH more clearly defined, and the shift gates seem easier to hit.

The shipping was quick, quality of the stick top notch and it was well assembled. Prior to installing it, we gave it to our in-house machinist for an inspection. He was impressed with the work and attention to detail, and gave it the thumbs up (a rare event to be certain).

This product is by far one of the most honest products we've come across for a while. It promises nothing that it doesn't deliver completely, is of top notch quality (very important to us) and priced extremely competitively!

I'd wish you good luck, but with a product like this I can't see how you could possibly go wrong!

Paul Kruger

Part: Mazda Protege 5 short shift kit
I very rarely write to a supplier of parts, but I want to say that I am delighted with the shift kit I recently purchased. The Installation was easy, due to the complete instructions, and the difference in shifting is hard to describe. Not only are the throws a lot shorter, but it seems as though the vagueness that was inherent with the stock shifter is no longer there. Congratulations on a product well designed, easy to install and fairly priced. I hope that you continue to develop aftermarket parts for the Protege 5.

William Dunn

Part: Toyota Celica 1989 Celica All-trac short shifter
TWM Performance is now an official supporter and for their dedication to helping us with new products they have been granted the ability to have some banners within the site. They will continue to make other products for All Tracs as the need arises. Congrats to them for a successful product.

I went ahead and purchased a TWM shifter. As others have mentioned, it's a quality piece. It comes with instructions, washers/bolts, a special tool to help with installation and the TWM sticker. They've been able to offer a product that others do not, with quality, at an attractive price. See their site for ordering information.

Robert Pina - Webmaster

Part: Mazda Protege 5 Short Shifter
The minute a sat in the car, I immediately proceeded to shift the car into the different gear positions. Instant gratification! The throw was smooth and sure, it almost felt as though it were a different car. The next item on my list was to see how it would perform on the road. I think I drove around for an hour, just for the hell of it. Each shift was sure and the movement was as good, if not better than stock. The shifter stayed in its place without any unwanted movement. Its fit and finish was proven as I repeatedly threw the shifter into each gear, while my foot stayed heavy on the pedal.

Jason Laxamana -

Part: 2000 and up Toyota Celica Short Shifter
All I got to say is thanks!.... this has got to be one of the best mods for the money..... I chirp the tires under lift (6k) all the time easily... not that that its a good thing... but at least I know power is getting transferred very quickly..... No grinds, it goes right in like stock.... it looks nice... very short... the install was easy after reading it a couple times.... I was always able to keep it in lift but for people who have trouble, the TWM will help you out alot...shifting at 8300 quick with finesse shifting lands me well above 6k around the 6200 area...skiiiirrrt and I take off...thanks.. I recommend it to any GT-S or GT owner forums post

Part: 2000 and up Toyota Celica Short Shifter
I got my TWM shifter today! I just finished installing it and testing it out. Here's my review of the install & my initial thoughts on the shifter itself.

What you get:
* The shifter
* 4 aluminum spacers
* 4 bolts
* 4 washers
* A clip
* A cup remover tool
* An instruction manual

The Install:
The install went very smoothly. The included instructions are very detailed and easy to understand.

Seriously, the most difficult parts were removing the little round clip from the side of the shifter and re-installing the clip on the bottom of the shifter. The round clip on the side broke when I took it off - luckily, TWM included a replacement in the kit. Total install time was about 1 1/2 hours.

Driving it:
It takes a little more muscle to shift gears now, but it's really cool.

Overall, this is a great, easy mod and I highly recommend TWM. The shifter is high-quality and you can't beat the price. TWM's customer service is quite good. Karel is happy to answer any questions you have.

See below for before & after pics. forums post