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Available in 16-unit ($299.95), 20-unit ($349.95), and 24-unit ($399.95) packages complete with the required tool to mount the lug nut. It is currently offered only in M12x1.5. Make sure your wheels are compatible with aftermarket nuts before purchasing.

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Titanium Lug Nuts

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After countless hours of design, engineering, testing and many prototypes, the TWM Performance® Racing Lug Nut is now unveiled, and is as comfortable on the track as it is on the street. This lugnut will offer you maximum security while weighing in at a mere 16grams. The best of both worlds!

  • Cast Titanium construction
  • CNC machined to aircraft-type tolerances
  • One piece, open ended
  • Theft-proof lock system
  • Weighs a mere 16g
  • 0.8in/20.2mm in height
4 lug nuts

Whether you spend your weekends burning rubber at the track, carving canyon roads or hanging out at a car meet, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy these beautiful, simple and extremely strong Titanium Lugnuts. The design of the lugnut is simple, yet effective. The core is cast out of the highest-strength Titanium and then machined to create the conical seat which rests in your wheel. The unique casting pattern on the upper portion of the lugnut creates a multipoint head for maximum security. Our lugnuts can only be put on and removed with our supplied security socket. This yields a lugnut which protects your wheels and minimizes unsprung weight all the while weighing ONLY 16grams a piece!

titanium lug nuts performance

Titanium was chosen for its incredible Yield Strength (the point where the material is forever bent) which is much higher than any Aluminum and even better than the widely used strong Chromoly steel, all while weighing significantly less than any steel and slightly more than Aluminum. Be careful with advertised “duralumin aluminum” or similar used on the market, since most of the time it is simply rebranded 6061 aluminum which one of the weakest materials used for wheel nuts.

lug nuts chart

While comparing these more frequently used materials, it’s clear to see that Titanium stands out. Its greater strength to weight ratio gives it unmatched performance for the strongest and lightest part possible. This means that the TWM Performance® RLN is made lighter while still being heaps stronger. Titanium also has a much better fatigue threshold and wears 5x less than any aluminum. If you constantly remove your wheels for tire change or maintenance, the TWM Performance® RLN’s threads will outlast anything out on the market! The surface is left bare Titanium OR coated in our signature DLC coating for added styling and weather-proofing. Lastly, Titanium is rust-proof and it’s much more resistant than even the best stainless steel. Whether you chose to have raw Titanium or DLC coating, your TWM Performance® RLNs will look good for years and years to come.

The drive design of the TWM Performance® RLN is very uncommon and only the provided tool can be used to screw it on OR off. This means that our RLN is also a Lock Nut, protecting your beloved wheels (and wheel nuts) against theft. Since they are Titanium, it is very unlikely that someone will succeed at cutting/breaking them off. This drive design also offers a contact surface over twice the one of a normal hex-drive, meaning that the drive will hold twice as much torque as the conventional hex-drive. This offers better clamping force and is technically impossible to strip. All the RLN have the same drive design meaning you will only need one tool to put all your lug nuts on or off. This avoids the clutter of having a regular socket and locking socket. The maximum diameter of the nut and tool is 24mm (less than an inch) so these nuts will fit on even the most cramped stud holes. The TWM Performance® lug nut measures just under 0.8" long and has a 60° taper to fit most OE applications and almost all aftermarket wheels.

Included in kit:
  • Lug Nuts
  • Installation Socket
  • Installation Manual

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